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My God. I have become a "GonoShotru".

At first, I thought it is for the lovers of famous comics "Asterisk & Obelisk". Let me tell you my thought very clearly.

Win is Win. 100% Correct. But the way we react after a win, I don't think that is good for us. Just think, by any how if WI last wicket stands for the rest of the day and make a draw (Like England in current Ashes or last wicket win by WI in Champions Trophy 2004) 75% of current dedicated fans would start to find out our fault. What mistake Shakib did, why he gave ball to Ashraful, why Raqibul is in the team, how absence of Mashrafe helped us not to win etc.

By this win against WI, the only thing we achieve is a Win in foreign soil. If our team becomes over confident and somehow failed to perform in the very next match, we will start to criticize them. It is for sure.

Let me take the most recent example. For last 1 or 2 years performance we were more or less sure that we are going to the 2nd round of T20 WC. We failed. This is nothing but the glories of Cricket. What we did after that? What amounts of discussion/analysis were going on regarding that failure? More than 85% of current BD fans failed to realize that we should take it easily. They just criticize Captain and some players whom they don’t like. We even suggest Nafees Iqbal to be the captain. We should realize that this is part of International Cricket. The way we started to open threads and cheer our boys, I don’t think our team deserves that much. No thread was opened telling that Ashraful couldn’t perform well in this test. But if we failed to win, I am sure at least 2/3 threads would be opened by now. Why dear? Why we always over react for everything? Our this kind of attitude allows Ian Chappel to tell Bangladesh is a Spineless Team”. Than we feel insulted.
We were thinking to have a good performance against WI main team. But a problem between their board & players allowed us to win even we are in the position of winning a Test Series in foreign soil. Once upon a time India just dreamt about that. If we won against that main team, I would definitely cheer with you people. But the Fact is thi win is because of their fault rather our credit. We played well but if the main team would play, I don't think this performance would be enough.

Anyway I will not justify myself. Still I think this win doesn’t carry that value. They win a Test Match in foreign soil. Very Good and Congratulation to them. But we shouldn’t fly over the sky and keep our foot on the ground. Rather over reacting if we just congratulate them and try to find out what were the mistakes that can lead to failure in future, I think that was worthy.

If WI continues with this type of team in Bangladesh tour of West Indies 2009, We must win this series by 2-0, ODI series by 3-0 and 1-0 in the single T20 International. Anything less than that won’t carry any value. If we make a draw against a 2nd standard teams of No-7 Test team of the world, how can we say that we are a Test Team?
The next series is against Zimbabwe. We always passed very hard time in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe will never send their 2nd or 3rd standard team. They will try their best to beat us. Last time we won by 4-0 but I am not sure we will repeat our performance again. If we do so, trust me I will cheer with you people. If you tell “We don’t need You”, I will tell “No Worry, I am a Bangladeshi and I will support my Country”.

Have a Nice Time. Please don’t take it emotionally. We are emotional but we can try to be practical.

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