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thats exactly my point bro. based on your practicality and rationality, you must not have had any joy whatsoever from any of the bangladesh victories. cause for any team to win, the other team needs to lose. and for the other team to lose, there need to be mistakes and blunders and screw-ups on the losing side. winning side outplaying the losing side also implies losing side was below par. be it the team formation, or mismanagement, or team selection, or bad captaincy, or just flat-out incapability and incompetency. which does not make any losing team be at their best, does it? just technicality bro.

we are emotional alright. and we sure can try to be practical. which kinda puts us in a limbo whether to be practically optimisic, or emotionally realistic - to declare: "If WI continues with this type of team in Bangladesh tour of West Indies 2009, We must win this series by 2-0, ODI series by 3-0 and 1-0 in the single T20 International. Anything less than that won’t carry any value." and at the same time against zimbabwe pessimize: "Last time we won by 4-0 but I am not sure we will repeat our performance again." ... kinda goes against your nice big post of an argument, doesnt it.

i donno man. i'm just a bangladesh fan who thrives for any kind of success. call it emotional. call it fly over the sky.
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