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Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
How would you feel if the table is turned, and Afganistan/Nepal plays against Faisal, Tushar, Rajin, HSarkar, Taposh, and few other U-19 players and win a tight one. And that goes in the record books as Afganistan beats BD in the highest form of cricket.

The same diehard fans who are criticizing here would not give credit to the Afgans. Calling a spade as a spade is not a crime. If the real WI 11 plays the second test match we may have to wait for a long time for another test victory as a drought may settle in again.

I know this thread is created to be funny (and I love Razab's funny bone) but then again this can turn in to serious one if the someone takes offense in expressing their thought. Calling out the naysayers does not show class.
well, there has to be a balance.

this win certainly has an asterisk, but at the same time, the team showed heart and its improtant to carry that forward against "real" teams.

the problem is not in questioning the "authenticity" of this win, but questioning why we have to have some posts which seem to have been stamped with fishyguys's seal of approval.
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