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Default The most important "take home message" from this story/thread

Is on the nature of the salaat (namaz).

No doubt there is much history, wisdom, and "oohs" and "aahs" in the topic of isra and miraj, but the single most important is about the 5 daily prayers.

of all the commandments in islam, the salaat is the the ABSOLUTE MOST IMPORTANT. we see this in numerous hadiths, one of which is this:

a man asked the Prophet (saw) "what is the best deed?"

the prophet replied "to believe in allah and his messenger"

he was asked what was next in righteousness.

the prophet said "to perform the salaat on time"
it is interesting to note that jihad, or defensive of one's own self, family, property, honor, and land is secondary to performing the salaat!

however, the story of isra and miraj itself contains information on just how important these prayers are. during the miraculous ascension, Allah, allowed the Prophet to reach beyond sidratul muntaha...a point which nothing is allowed to pass, due to the proximity of that place to the Lord.

The Prophet was at a distance from Allah Himself, which was the length of a bow, with only a screen seperating Allah from His slave.

It was in this setting in which Allah issued to the Prophet the commandment of 50 daily prayers, which was eventually reduced to 5 prayers, equivalent to 50 rewards.

all other commandments, those urging zakat, hajj, fasting, those prohibiting fornication, alcohol, drugs, and vice...all these commandments came in the context of wahi or revelation via the Archangel Jibreel.

but the commandment of prayer was given to us by God Himself.

the Prophet Muhammad also said:

the difference between the muslim and the non-believer is the Salaat
notice he didn't mention prayer, fasting, hajj, zakat, jihad, or any other act of righteousness. all this proves the importance of salaat in islam.
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