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Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
Very well said Asad.

Adding: Salaat is the best form of dhikir. Establishing Salaat means the intention must be pure with propler Odhu and to please the Rabb, do it on time, understanding the words spoken and believing them and later applying them in real life.

Those who establish salaat can not do evil deeds. Salaat protects them like a garment. One can judge his or herself on how he or she is doing in establishing a command that Allah directly gave to Prophet (PBUH).
i would also like to add one thing...two things make establishing salaat easier. first one is intention, if we make the intention to wake up for fajr, it makes it quite a lot easier. second is habituation. once you get in the habit of making prayers, its hard but not impossible to break it.

i can speak from experience because i've always gone through cycles of establishing prayer and neglecting prayer...may allah make it easy on us.
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