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Default BanglaCricket Fantasy Cricket League - please don't ignore

Hi guys, if you've been surfing around the Forget Cricket section, you may have seen a thread named "BanglaCricket Fantasy Cricket League Sign Ups", and just thought that this was just another stupid game like FTP. Well it isn't and (with the permission of ATMR) I hope that with an advertisement in the "Bangladesh Cricket" section we can get the remaining 19 sign-ups we need to get the game started.

From the "Sign Ups" thread:

The Cricket Simulator is basically a program where you can use international teams (outdated) or create new teams (which is what I'm looking to do). After inputting data (teams, pitch etc), the program "sims" a game for me, leaving the ball-by-ball commentary and the scorecard, which I would then post in a match thread created for that particular game. Players will not have to actively play themselves - all a regular team member will have to do is make comments on matches/results and cheer their team on.
(Although you don't even have to do that, just a sign-up and basic activity on BanglaCricket is needed to withold your place in BCFCL.)

I am looking for 48 sign-ups - 4 teams of 12. We would need 4 captains, and captaincy applications are being taken (unlimited). So far we have 29 sign-ups - which is just over half my intended target. I made an advertisement here because this is the most visited section of the forum, and I would like to alert anyone that hasn't heard of BCFCL to it. Links are at the bottom of this post (includes sign-up thread and two example matches) and I would hope that you would click on them and sign-up.


BanglaCricket Fantasy Cricket League Sign Ups

Example Match - BanglaCricket vs Bangladesh

Example Match - BanglaCricket 1st XI vs BanglaCricket 2nd XI

Thanks for reading,
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