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Default 5 year difference

Bangladesherkhela in one report said that the difference between success and failure of Bangladesh cricket can be discovered if someone just analyzes the difference between what selectors used to do 5 years ago and now.

If the report had referred this to as "10 Year" difference, then I would not have anything to say, as I don't know much about what used to happen 10 years ago, but it has referred to something like 5 years, so I think I need to clarify some points.

1) First of all, we did not win in world cup for our selectors ( TIKKHYO SUDUR PROSARI DRISHTI).

It was in fact the addition of an experienced player who was just at the end of his International career - Minhazul Abedin Nannu.

Just think - of how everything would be if Nannu had not stepped up and scored that valuable 68* against Scotland. We were also fortunate that Nannu was dropped by a slip fielder of Scotland.

2) Team spirit and so the captain was great - because our team spirit was great and Bulbul is a very good captain in maintaining that spirit, so even though an English-Scottish player - can't remember his name right now - was playing like a test batsman, and again this was fortunate for us that Monju had accidentally touched the ball while the ball went to hit the non-striking end's batsman - that batsman.

3) Anyway, these were all what happened during the world cup 99, but what the reporter did not mention was that from 1997 till 1999 Meril Cup in Dhaka, the only constant thing in selection was changing and chopping.

First Atahar was dropped after he performed poorly only in New Zealand tour in 1997, then there were introduction of new players like Shahriar Hossain Bidyut - who was not actually played in his first tournament in the final eleven in 1997 Asia Cup in Sri Lanka, it was in 1997 after a month in Kenya that Shahriar Hossain, a genuine opener was played in the middle order. Our favorite Habibul Bashar Sumon was coming in and going out of the team, so was Javed Omar. Naimur Rahman opened against India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka in ODIs, even though he has no footwork, no technique and especially not an opener, then there was the re-introduction of Atahar into the squad again which resulted in Bangladesh's maiden ODI win -in which match Mohammad Rafique also opened against Kenya. Then against India too Rafique opened.

Then in 1999, just before the Meril Cup, Al Shahriar was brought in at number 3 against Pakistan in a hurriedly hosted ODI. Then in the Meril Cup, Javed Omar opened with Mehrab/Shahriar Hossain against Kenya when Javed scored 25 runs in around 70 odd balls or something like that. Then Javed was dropped and somebody else got in. It was actually Mehrab's 73 against Zimbabwe and the 170 run opening partnership also against Zimbabwe between Shahriar and Mehrab Hossain that was the only positive things coming out of Meril Cup. Oh and it was decided that Akram Khan would bat at number 3 as he scored a magnificient unbeaten 50 against Zimbabwe when Opee scored the maiden ODI century for Bangladesh.

And then you all know what happened in the World Cup 1999. Akram Khan was getting out so frequently that his confidence started to go down, that he could not play Shane Warne - in which match Akram Khan was out for a duck off 5 or 6 balls. Aparently Shahriar Hossain turned out to be not such a good opener and so he was out of the team quite frequently. It was actually in the match against Pakistan that both Shahriar and Akram Khan played without any pressure, as the team was doing well and so there was no pressure on the team as well, which left Bangladesh to score their highest total against Pakistan. You know the rest.

Now I haven't said all this with pin-point accuracy since there is no need to give a 100 percent accurate information to this. All of you must have understood by now about what was going on in the team selection from 1997 to 1999.

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