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My solutions:

1) Have all those aspiring pacers play good number of FC matches before bringing them to national team. As a fast bowler, you need lot more discipline and focus (more than a spinner needs) to bowl 6 good deliveries in each over. You are not going to develop discipline and focus bowling only in nets, you need to play real matches for that.

By playing more matches your body will be better conditioned, and will have less chance of injury when you come to the national team.

2) Prepare hard bouncy pitches that will have something for everyone - pacers, spinners, batters. 4 out of 6 divisional stadiums should have bouncy pitches (we still need couple of low-slow pitches so that our players learn to handle those kind too). Couple of them should have green tops too to encourage seam bowlers.

WI produced fast bowling greats when they had hard bouncy pitches. Now that their bouncy pitches are gone, so has their supply of quality pacers.

3) Last but not least, give good breaks in between domestic league matches (look how spread out Sheffield Shield matches are). Pacers take long time to recuperate. By stacking up matches, you are going to burn them up early in the season. I believe this is the reason our pacers show inconsistent form in domestic leagues and get frequently injured.

Also, by not stacking up matches, you will give curators needed time to maintain pitch quality.

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