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There are many things that doesnt help our fast bowlers improve. The traditional pitches in BD are slow tracks that lack bounce, which is never an ideal pitch for pacers, we must change the outlook of these pitches because they seem to not only damage our pace development but our batting aswell. We need a different variety of pitches otherwise we will always struggle. Then comes BCB, these guys have destroyed many promising talents and I think alot of those wasted talents were promising fast bowlers who seem to be lost somewhere in domestic cricket. A typical bangladeshi does not have much strength and stamina compared to cricketing nations like australia or south africa, which is one of the most important factors for a pace bowler. What BCB should do is provide special care for pacers from youth level, make sure that they have a balanced diet atleast and invite famous fast bowlers into the country to mentor these kids for a month or so, that really helps. A good fast bowler can never be made in a day, the cricket board must monitor the fast bowler throughout his career and give him the sufficient resources needed to help him improve and if he has a tough time, dont just let him go help him through it.
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