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*holds his head in his hands*


In order.

''But BCB analysts, directors and managers are some dumbest incompetents on earth.''

As compared, say, to the WICB ? Or maybe the PCB ?

Actually, no, lets compare the BCB to every other institution in Bangladesh.

'BCB knows how badly we need a bouncy pitch for our pacers' development but still we do not have one''

Bangladesh is a wet, flat, low-lying tropical country. Therefore, turf wickets will tend to be slow. Unless, for example, you manage to dehumidify the air around the wicket for days to weeks.

Now, you can prepare bouncy wickets by use of astroturf over concrete ... but these wickets cannot be used for first-class cricket.

Note, for example, the way that New Zealand and Tasmanian wickets are not bouncy, as there's a fair amount of rain around in summer in both places.

Finally,'' That is why they break their promise and waste millions for the politicians and their honeymoon in WI.''

Look, BCB reports to Parliament, and Parliament can get them fired. The wasteful, useless junket probably cost about USD30k for the two of them ... but it wasnt the BCB's idea, and frankly I'd prefer not to pick a fight over 30 grand for people that can cancel the visa of the coach.
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