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Ian is right, BCB is doing it's part to find strong able bodied boys and to nurture them. That's how we found Shahadat, Rubel, Subhashis, Abul Hasan, Aladdin Babu, etc. From what I seen in U/19 matches, our current U/19 pacers can actually bowl faster than England U/19 pacers.

However, being able to bowl fast is not good enough for international cricket, you got to develop skills to put that pace in use. That's where the concern is - our fast bowling products (Shahadat is the prime example) don't seem to be skilled.

BCB coaches can teach them different skills, but they will have to go out there and hone those skills in matches after matches (before they are being thrown in the national team), and for that we need to develop our FC structure properly.

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