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Nice post bourny3. I would like to comment on particular aspect which has been highlighted regarding the obstacles in the path of a viable domestic league system i.e its COMMERCIAL viability. As with most cases in life, money is what it boils down to. Just as you said the BCB should look to raise the costs or most of it by selling rights etc. In this regard, we the media and fan sites have a very important responsibility. We need to get as much excited for our domestic match-ups as we do for our internationals. Now of course that is hard but we should try. Some tangible steps in that direction would be to give wide-spread coverage to domestic matches and team and individual performances in the league. As for BCB, they should try and arrange for TV coverage for the domestic match-ups (at least the important games) even if it is at a loss in the inital stages, just to create the necessary hype (clever media coverage can create hype and desire, when there is none!). In a nutshell, time to hype up our domestic league and hope that it will eventually live up to it!

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