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Originally Posted by AsifTheManRahman
I agree with SS, Raynman, Dr. Z and Blah here. No one is disputing that Tests > T20s, but the latter WILL grow in popularity and overtake ODIs; and it should - ODIs are useless - there should really only be two versions of cricket, the other one being, of course Tests.

But it doesn't matter what you or I think of T20s, what matters is teams like Ireland and Zimbabwe will soon excel and surpass us in this format if our players don't start giving a damn. Besides, when you wear that Bangladesh uniform, especially in an international match recognized by the ICC, you can't not give a damn. It's disrespectful to the fans, the game and to the players and staff themselves.

Losing once in a while is OK when you're winning while sitting at the bottom of the table. But the blatant nature of the damn-care attitude displayed by our players yesterday was no less than shameful.
I have not seen bd play a t20 match the way it should be played. its always being ugly and disrespectful (bar a few individual performances).

On the contrary to what many people believe T20 is not trash cricket, its actually more demanding than ODI. It takes a lot of skill to win these matches. If you look at the best T20 sides you will see that there is a lot of balance and variation in the type of players and style of play. The players themselves are very skilled at what they do. You get specialist batsmen who can hit boundries by playing good cricket strokes as well as using initiative to create their own unorthodox shots, batsmen who can build and hold an innings by taking regular singles and twos thus keeping their strike rate 100+, exlposive allrounders that can exploit the last few overs to accelerate scoring. You get wicket taking bowlers, RR restrictive bowlers, bowlers that excel in death bowling and the best sides have variation in bowling. The best T20 teams build innings by taking powerplays to their advantage and scoring runs quickly, then decelerating and stabilising the innings after the PP so that too many wickets are not lost and also keep the scoreboard ticking. then the last 4-5 overs they accelerate the RR to get to a good total. The best sides play according to the pitch condition and adjust their strategy according to the situation. As you can see from above it takes a lot of skill to construct a winning T20 match and like all the other format batting and bowling play a crucial part.
The teams that rubbish T20 are the ones that cannot (and/or lack the skills to) play a T20 match, teams like us.
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