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Its really not respecting singles. Its an issue in T20 as well as ODi an even in Tests. We seem to think that batting is either blocking the ball dead into the ground or going for the big shots. There is such an art in finding the gaps and frustrating the bowlers/fielders by quick singles. The bowling team feels like they're doing well by not conceding major runs but the scoreboard never stops ticking.

If 160 is a par score for T20 that means 8 an over. If you're not gifting dot balls, only a single boundary is needed in the over and even that isn't a neccesity if you can convert a couple of the singles to 2s. If the pressure is on the bowlers, the bad balls will come and so will the boundaries.

Besides shot selection, our running between the wickets needs work. Don't know if the coaches focus on this but the batsman & the runner must be aware of each other. Naeem's run out was just as much his fault for abrupt running as it was Mushy's for not screaming 'No' as soon as realized what Naeem was thinking. If he didn't realize what Naeem was doing/thinking thats again the communication problem.
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