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Originally posted by pompous
Tintin brings up a very valid point. I guess the only remedy would be to pour obscene amounts of money into the tournaments and leagues- not to the regional associations. In Bangladesh's case, we would do well (given the geographical proximity of all the regions) not have large regional bodies and see if we can come up with an NBA-like professional setup! We have to make the league matches appealing to our younger generations. Its all in the marketing. Our young generation should feel that going to one of these matches to spend an afternoon with friends, or to relax is a cool and healthy thing to do. I guess we need some gimmicks and half-time shows (similar to that in the 20/20) to attract interest.
I'll give BCB another marketing plan that will generate money for domestic cricket. Sell the naming rights of divisional teams (NCL), perhaps even stadiums to corporate houses. And spend the money generated to enhance domestic cricket.

Recently Arsenal sold the naming-rights of their stadium to Emirates worth value 100 millions. Market the whole domestic cricket properly - sell the naming rights to corporate houses, make a deal with BD based TV channels to broadcast domestic matches ( or highlights). 'Beximco Dhaka team' playing 'Grameen Phone Sylhet' doesn't sound too bad

But use that money to make domestic cricket attractive for players and spectators. Set up regional HPUs, U-19 competition etc.

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