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Do we have a domestic cricket calendar for this season on the site anywhere?

You know there are no end to the suggestions people have made to the BCB. Either they don't hear them or they don't understand them. Like most organizations in BD, it isn't very transparent - no one knows what they are thinking or planning to do. And they don't care to communicate that effectively despite having all these highly paid executives and advisors on board.

I agree with the marketing ideas here - BCB would do well to hire a marketing saavy person to revamp domestic cricket. I don't buy that people won't come because a) they supposedly love watching cricket and b) they can't watch the national team every day. So if the cricket matches are quality, there is some entertainment, the price is reasonable or free - people will show up. Watching cricket all day will of course be a problem for people who work but Bangladeshis always seem to find a way around that little problem...
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