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Originally posted by rassel
I donít think so, itís quite fair. No offence, but it would be quite easy meal for Australia to grab that final spot in Germany. I mean what are the chances for the rest of the Oceania countries to overtake Australia. Itís very slim. Now, if you check rest of continental zones and how fieriest the competition is, then you would think otherwise for the Oceania zones. Anyway, best of luck to Australia or whoever go through for that playoff spot.
I think its just there good luck that they are such a huge portion of that zone... allah deese ora ki korbe... tai bole we have to put them in the gallows everytime they want to qualify? If FIFA is so worried abt giving them a cakewalk why play the South americans... let them atleast play the asians... thats all... but i still believe its a continent (oceania) and it shud be given the same qualifying system as given to every other ones...

and jodi antarcticar kono country khelte chai the same rule shud apply to them as well...
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