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Originally posted by radicalsami

"If FIFA is so worried abt giving them a cakewalk why play the South americans... let them atleast play the asians... thats all"

ya they tried that already still they couldnít make to the final. I remember last time when they came very close to qualify, but unfortunately they couldn't get pass Iran.

"but i still believe its a continent (oceania) and it shud be given the same qualifying system as given to every other ones "

Once again I am going to say no, there is hardly any competition in that region. Let me give you and example: pretty much every country in South American could whop any team in the world. Even though all those team are worthy enough to compete in world cup, but how many team they usually represent only 4 or so. Same goes for Europe, Africa, even Asia where competitions are much much stronger than Oceania region. Anyway, Australia suffered enough itís about time luck goes in thier way.

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