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Everything about Mushfiq...hmm...

- Well, he's from Bogura.

- Talks a lot.

- Once had his nose broken by police.

- Keeps well.

- He can bat.

- Very creative in nick naming his team mates. Moyna(Shakib), Lala(Razzak), Annie (Enam), Bhaista etc. etc...

- He is fitted with Energizer batteries in his vocal cord, only Bangladeshi player with this enhancement. He can go on and on and on and on......

- He is the actual pseudo-captain of the team, he captains the captain in every match. Example:
"Ash - aramse"
"Shakib, tui shamne ai"
"Riyad, oita char ba pach nombor e korbi"
"Tamim, emni emni hobe na to, cheshta korte hobe"
"Shakib, Naeem re ball dibi naki?"

Yes, it seems, he remembers the game plan better than many others.

And....oh yes, he's only twenty.
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