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Default Winning Our first Test Match

We shouldnt be negative about Bangladesh's performance as many teams have taken a very long time to win their first test match. These are the first test match wins for each country.

45th match after over 26 years for New Zealand
25th match after nearly 20 years for India
14th match after 3 1/2 years for Sri Lanka
12th match after nearly 7 years for South Africa
11th match after 2 1/2 years for Zimbabwe
6th match after nearly 2 years for West Indies
2nd match after 12 days for England
2nd match after 10 days for Pakistan
1st match on first day for Australia

Bangladesh has so far played 32 matches and havent won for 4 years.

I can guarantee we wont take as long as India or New Zealand did to win our first match.

So next time anyone tells u Bangladesh are taking too long to win a match throw these facts at them.

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