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Originally Posted by bujhee kom
Arrey bhais, where is multiple option choice? I wanted vote for Suhwardy Shuvo and Marshall Ayub and Shamsur Shuvo more, I mean others! But the poll only took one man!

B.K. vai, apnar display pic e ki apnar shashurir pic naki ? apnar krira-premi mon er upor onar ottachar er kotha joto dur shunsi, ei face dekhe mone hochche, she hoite pare. just kidding vai, don't take it to mind.

btw, i know it's a bit too early, but i think anamul/enamul from the current under 19 team can be a very good prospect in future. unfortunately, i don't go on the stats very often, but this guy has class in his batting. he knows every kind of shots in the book, i guess pull being his personal favorite and is surely a treat to watch him on song. alas!! even after being frustrated so many times by ash, i cannot escape loving and favoring class than anything else in batting. only thing i have against anamul is he needs time to develop more temperament. he still has a habit of throwing away good starts by him.
btw, he is a decent wicket keeper also, and bats in the top order.

among the three player, i guess shuvo has the best chance, since i don't see any player in the current team filling the void made by rafique. (even, i think after the departure of rafique, razzak had lost his style, a calm presense of rafique and occaisional clever tips is what is missing.) marshal ayub has also impressed me, he can be a good number three batsman i guess. but shamsur , i think is not prepared yet and needs a bit time, say one more year.
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