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Originally Posted by reyme
Well BCB is cutting executive travel budget too.
12000 taka per match is less? In a country where school teachers make 3000 taka per month?
Officiate 12 matches and you make 150,000 taka. Thats a first class govt officer salary per year.
the point you raised is ridicilous. I think you havent read the article, ICC plays an umpire 6500$ per game, whereas a player gets around 2500$ per game. An umpires job is always much harder than a player's. A player needs to concentrate when he is bolwing/batting. But the umpire has to stay on field and give his 100% for 4 days straight. I doubt a five year old can do that. This is all disregarding the fact that one wrong decision by an umprire generates far more fuss than a players mistake.
GODISNOWHERE now read it again.
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