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Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
If you can not compare CEO from BD and CEO from US, then I am afraid you can not compare umpires and school teachers. Does University deans in BD make what Shakib, Mash, Ash makes per year? Sports salary and education salary is never same. Umpires are not peons.

Our board must match ratios with other test playing countries when it comes to paying salaries to the umpires, organizers, curators etc.

Umpiring is not that easy that any one can do that job. We still have one of the highest unemployment rate. Why can't every one become an Umpire?

Where did you get BCB cutting executive budget? Are you talking about the less people accompanying the Academy tour? Didn't we read that from now on in every tour there will be parlamentary members accompanying the team on BCB's expense?

Umpiring, refereeing are the hardest thankless jobs. Specially in BD where one would not have the technology to help them. I hope all umpires quit. Let us see what BCB will do. May be hire Reyme, then we can throw pocha dim at him when makes a mistake.
well said bro. Strangely for some reason this Reyme guy has some grudge against the umpires.
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