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Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
Our board must match ratios with other test playing countries when it comes to paying salaries to the umpires, organizers, curators etc.

Umpiring is not that easy that any one can do that job. We still have one of the highest unemployment rate. Why can't every one become an Umpire?

Where did you get BCB cutting executive budget? Umpiring, refereeing are the hardest thankless jobs. Specially in BD where one would not have the technology to help them. I hope all umpires quit. Let us see what BCB will do.
1. The board did an comparative analysis with other boards and players salary ratio and decided to lower the salary of the umpires.

2. Umpiring is not easy, there is no doubt about it. But 20,000 taka per match? A football referee in our country makes upto 2000 taka per match.

3. To become an umpire you need umpiring classes and ceritification. There is no such private institution in our country who does that. Thats why not everybody can become an umpire even if they want to. Plus we dont need thousands of umpires. If umpiring was such an honorabale job you will see dozens of coaching institutions and universities enrolling students to become an umpire.

4. Our culture is such that become a doctor or engineer is a big deal. Nobody tells you he wants to become an umpire for living. Thats why even with one of the highest unemployment rate not mnay would show much interest.

5. Look, umpires are part of the game, dont treat them like GOD. If they quit, let it be, club officials and extra players are capable of decent umpiring. Have we not played all our lives by standing up one of the opposition or reserve player as umpire?
And did we treat them like peons?

6. BCB execs dont get paid (exept for few). They started to cut cost in various areas if you follow the latest news and articles. Cutting cost for umpiring is part of the cost cutting effort.
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