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Originally Posted by reyme
I dont care how much ICC pays them. Thats their business. With benefits and stocks, Intel CEO makes 20 Million Dollars per year. Can you pay the same amount to a CEO in Bangladesh? Someone can learn all the cricket rules and umpiring technique in less than three months. If you give just 1000 taka per match there will be thousands of application for one umpiring position in dhaka. Umpiring job is not that tough. Counting ball for 4 days while watching the game is no rocket science.
Yes, paying 1000, why 1000, pay 100 taka and you will see hundreds of people willing to stand as an umpire. But do we need hundred people wanting to be umpires, or a handfull of decent umpires??
And about umpires job being easy......ask Bucknor, Darel Hayer. One wrong decisino and the whole world starts blaming on you.
Not showing sufficient respect to umpire/scorers wont help our cricket.
GODISNOWHERE now read it again.
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