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Originally Posted by reyme
This reyme guy (whoever he is) does not have anything against good umpires. He has grugde against biased and incompetent umpires like Ashoka who does more harm to cricket than good. Incompetent umpires take the charm away from watching a well fought game.

Having said that are you telling me the new rate of 12000 Taka per 4 day match and 5000 taka for an ODI match is not enough?
$ 75 for 8 hours of work, is't worth to get quality output as expected at the international level. But i guess that's for domestic umpiring; still on the margin, could just be ok for mediocres.

YOUR SIG: golf is good, no umpire needed
Golf has officials at every hole and even on the fairways & obstacles. Or else who observes the adherence of rules of the game? ONly thing they aren't called umpires and they are huge in number, like the officials of the Atheletics competitions. etc

A wrong call or interpretation by the officials may still cost a player heavily. How can you have a competition without an umpire/refferee/official/judge what ever you call them.
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