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Originally Posted by Nasif
Lets try to stay away from translations that tries to put words into God's mouth. This verse is addressing to all believers; you/me/everyone who believes. It is not necessarily only referring to Muhammad.
There is absolutely nothing wrong in adding (O Muhammad) in that "translation" and does not amount to "putting words into God's mouth"! The Quran was revealed to the Prophet first and foremost and then to the rest of of the basic points taught in 'Ilm Al-Quran. Also, there cannot be any literal translation of the Quran because of its linguistic and unwordly nature. The recital in Arabic is the only Quran. Therefore, addition of extra information i.e. O Muhammad etc works as exegesis for a better understanding of the verse. Hence, we have a science of Tafseer.

Personally, I prefer the "translation" of Abdullah Yusuf Ali. Considered one of the best by most scholars. And Im sure most descerning English speaking people will appreciate his effort and style. The other one should be mentioned is A J Arberry.

The worst "translation" or should I say the distortion is by the zionist NJ Dawoods Penguin Classic version. Which is being sold in all major mainstream bookstores. It is our individual responsibility to ask the bookstores managers to remove it from their shelves!
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