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Originally Posted by Purbasha T
Hey, bros; Salam. Didn't want to open a new thread, so asking here! I am looking for a dependable English translation of Qur'an, any suggestions? I know it might not be as smooth as the Arabic one, but I am gonna learn Arabic soon (though I kno how to read and write, but not understand; typical Sub-continent stuff ) but that's gonna take a while, so before that I wanna go through the English one for once this Ramadan. Kew ektu help koille boroi pulokito hoitam bhaijanera
I have a software that have the whole Quran with English translation.

If you want me to send it to you, you can pm me your email ID.

I also have a software that has informations about most of the known Prophets. Also have two Hadith's softwares.

I think some of you already have it. I've got them from a website like 5/6 years before.
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