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Dyson questions WICB's professionalism

"It is correct that I didn't sign a contract, but the question is why," Dyson told Cricinfo. "The first contract I was presented with had written on it Bennett King's name and address. Obviously, I couldn't sign that. Then there were three points I felt needed clarification. It took more than two months for them to clarify the first point, and they never got back to me on points two and three. I was never offered a contract I felt reflected what we had discussed previously. But it would seem the WICB have problems with contracts with quite a few people, and not just me.

"The only discussion I have had thus far was a phone call from (acting chief executive) Steve Camacho. He told me the executive of the board had decided to terminate my employment with immediate effect. When I told him that I was a bit shocked and asked him why, he said that he was just the messenger and that he had fulfilled his duty as messenger. I haven't heard any more since then. If I had been in some drunken fight then and brought disgrace upon myself and the board then perhaps I could understand. When I was working for the (NSW) department of education there was a process to follow in these sorts of matters. It has been disappointing."
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