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Originally Posted by bharat
Nothing new from the Pakisthani politicians or their cricket board ! They simply think that Pakistan is at the "center of the universe" for India .According to them BCCI/India has no other job but to undermine Pakisthan..

Compare the above statements to the below ..

-India Masterminded 26/11 attacks to malign Pakisthan
-India Masterminded the attack on SL cricketers to malign Paisthan
-India has forced ICC to shift the WC out of Pak

Compared to these this new allegation does not hold weight !

Bythe way Imran did not support the statement .He refuted it .Imran has always been quiet rational !
I understand your concern but this thread is probably not the best place to discuss this issue since it seems to have more to do with Indian/Pakistani politics than cricket.
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