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Originally Posted by Miraz
Premier Division T/20 Tournament
Required Grounds for Premier Division: (1) SBNCS (2) NOS (3) BKSP-2 (4) BKSP-1/3

1. Mohammedan Sporting Club 1. GaziTank Cricketers
2. Biman Cricket Team 2.Old DOHS
3. Khelaghar Samaj Kallyan Samity 3. Kalabagan Krira Chakra
4. Partex Sporting Club 4. Abahani Ltd
5. Bangladesh Krira Shikha Protisthan 5. Surjo Torun Clab
6. Victoria Sporting Club 6. Cricket Coaching School

Date Team vs Team League/Tournament Round Time Venue
14/10/09 MSC vs Victoria Premier 20/20 1st (A Group) 2.30am SBNCS
14/10/09 Biman vs BKSP Premier 20/20 -Do- 10.30am DCS
14/10/09 KSKC vs Partex Premier 20/20 -Do- -Do- KSOAS
14/10/09 Gazi vs CCS Premier 20/20 1st (B Group) 2.30pm KSOAS
14/10/09 Old Dohs vs SurjoTorun Premier 20/20 -Do- -Do- DCS
14/10/09 KKC vs AKC Premier 20/20 -Do- 6.30pm SBNCS
15/10/09 Gazi vs SurjoTorun Premier 20/20 2nd (B Group) 2.30am SBNCS
15/10/09 Old Dohs vs AKC Premier 20/20 -Do- 10.30am KSOAS
15/10/09 KKC vs CCS Premier 20/20 -Do- -Do- DCS
15/10/09 MSC vs BKSP Premier 20/20 2nd (A Group) 6.30pm SBNCS
15/10/09 Biman vs Partex Premier 20/20 -Do- 2.30am KSOAS
15/10/09 KSKC vs Victoria Premier 20/20 -Do- -Do- DCS
16/10/09 MSC vs Partex Premier 20/20 3rd(A Group) 1.30pm SBNCS
16/10/09 Biman vs KSKC Premier 20/20 -Do- -Do- DCS
16/10/09 BKSP vs Victoria Premier 20/20 -Do- -Do- KSOAS
16/10/09 Gazi vs AKC Premier 20/20 3rd(B Group) 5.30pm SBNCS
16/10/09 Old Dohs vs KKC Premier 20/20 -Do- 2.30pm DCS
16/10/09 SurjoTorun vs CCS Premier 20/20 -Do- -Do- KSOAS
17/10/09 Gazi vs KKC Premier 20/20 4th(B Group) 10.30am KSOAS
17/10/09 Old Dohs vs CCS Premier 20/20 -Do- -Do- DCS
17/10/09 AKC vs SurjoTorun Premier 20/20 -Do- 2.30pm SBNCS
17/10/09 MSC vs KSKC Premier 20/20 4th (A Group) 2.30pm KSOAS
17/10/09 Biman vs Victoria Premier 20/20 -Do- 6.30pm SBNCS
17/10/09 Partex vs BKSP Premier 20/20 -Do- 2.30pm DCS
18/10/09 MSC vs Biman Premier 20/20 5th (A Group) 2.30am SBNCS
18/10/09 KSKC vs BKSP Premier 20/20 -Do- 10.30am KSOAS
18/10/09 Partex vs Victoria Premier 20/20 -Do- -Do- DCS
18/10/09 Gazi vs Old Dohs Premier 20/20 5th (B Group) 2.30pm DCS
18/10/09 KKC vs SurjoTorun Premier 20/20 -Do- -Do- KSOAS
18/10/09 AKC CCS Premier 20/20 -Do- 6.30pm SBNCS
20/10/09 Group-A Champion vs Group-B Runers-up Premier 20/20 Semi Final 2.30pm SBNCS
20/10/09 Group-B Champion vs Group-A Runers-up Premier 20/20 Semi Final 6.30pm SBNCS
21/10/09 Loser of 1st S F vs Loser of 2nd S F Premier 20/20 3rd Place 2.30pm SBNCS
21/10/09 Winner of 1st S F vs Winner of 2nd S F Premier 20/20 Final 6.30pm SBNCS
Thanks Miraz vai for the schedule.I think its better to have a seperate thread for premier 20/20 league.

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