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Originally Posted by bangladesh_sy
mash's contract was for a year, as far as i know he's not with KKR no more. its better that way, forget IPL as long as mash's fit to play for Bangladesh that all it should matter, he's got enough injury problem already, IPL could cause some serious damage.
No mash's contract was for 2 years.. and it ends after the next IPL; just like everybodies. Then there will be a new auction in the year after that including all the players.

just to clarify more:

all players bought through auction before IPL season 1: contract 3 years
all bought through auction before IPL season 2: contract 2 years

For, players not brought through auction as replacement or something: their terms and conditions are different.

In the case of razzak; bangalor had terminated his contract after season throgh mutual understanding his innitial contract was also for 3 years. He did get somesignificant money as compensation
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