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Ryaid over Price? Shakib a better batsman than Taylor? Rahim a better batsman that Williams? Look at the stats people.

Sorry but i feel that the head to head match up was false especially as the Zimbabwe team that was analysed was in fact not the team that will be starting in the first ODI. So I have taken the opportunity to respond by conducting by own match ups.

Zimbabwe’s batting order is based on recent selections and NOT what I think it should be.


Tamim vs Masakadza – Two explosive openers in great form. Both have achieved consistency this year and have manged to boost there averages to the magic 30 mark. I think that Tamim has the edge here as Masakadza has not always had the best of times in Asia and there is still a question mark over his performance against a decent spin attack
(Advantage Bangladesh)

Junaid vs Vermeleun – There are two sides of Mark Vermulen, the dashing right handed opening batsman who can score boundries at will or the conservative opening bat who puts scoreboard pressure on himself. Has performed well since his comeback but needs to start to convert 50’s into 100’s. Junaid is good for a quick 30 or 40 but is yet to play a big innings hand has real problems playing the short ball. Think Vermulen has a better all-round game here.
(Advantage Zimbabwe)

Ashraful vs Mutizwa – Yes it is likely that Mutizwa will bat 3 after two impressive outings against Kenya and a year of strong domestic performances. A natural strokemaker very much in the mould of Ashraful, he has managed to move Coventry down the order. Ashraful is so talented but lacks discipline needed to be consistent. However im giving Ashraful the nod here as Mutizwa is yet to play in Bangladesh.
(Advantage Bangladesh)

Taylor vs Rock – Has to be Taylor here, he is in my opinion Zimbabwes best batsman and has a fantastic abilty to keep the score moving in singles and then to accelrate when needed with some lusty blows, can adapt well to different situations. The Rock looks a good solid player rather than a spectacular one but does play straight but can have trouble raising the run rate.
(Advantage Zimbabwe)

Shakib vs Williams or Coventry – Looks like there is only room for one of them after Matsikenyeri and Mutizwa’s good recent form. And we all know that Matsikenyeri is never dropped. But to be honest Shakib is better than both of them with the bat alone, he has a fantastic ability to change a game as soon as he walk to the crease and he is just as good with the ball as well, you have a top allround cricketer in Shakib al Hasan (still think Taylor is a better batsman)
(Advantage Bangladesh)

Rahim v Matsikenyeri – Even though Matsikenyeri has shown recent signs of improvement I have to go for Rahim here who I think is the complete player, can play spin and pace well and is good between the wickets. Needs to work on his batting at the death.
(Advantage Bangladesh)

Naeem vs Chigumbura – Chigumbura gets it hear but to be honest its fairly close considering Chigumbura’s recent form with the ball which has been appaling. His batting has been great over the last year but he needs to perform with the ball or Zimbabwe will not win this series. Naeem looks a stop gap to me before a better player comes along. Can offer useful contributions with both bat and ball but is not consistent enough with either.
(Advantage Zimbabwe)

Ryiad v Utseya – Ryiad is a cricketer I like very much as he uses his head as can adapt well to the situation. I think he has the edge over Utseya here as although he has just had a decent series against Kenya his bowling has been poor over the last year and for some reason he think he can bat.
(Advantage Bangladesh)

Enamul vs Price- Zimbabwe’s best bowler here and he can be a nightmare to get away for the batsman. Has been top draw over the last two years and we all love to see the battle between him and Ashraful again, plays with pride and passion that makes me proud to be Zimbabwean.. Enamul is learning to art of bowling in ODI’s in my opinion and I rate him but not sure if he is a wicket taking option.
(Advantage Zimbabwe)

Rubel vs Cremer – Yes that’s right Zimbabwe are defiantly going in with three spinners as they have played them in the last 6 ODI’s. Cremer is the most attacking of the bowlers but can go for runs. But he can offer runs from number 10. Rubel looks a good prospect for Bangladesh very mush like Jarvis is for Zimbabwe. Wild action which will trouble a few of the Zimbabwe batsman I think.
(Advantage Bangladesh)

Rasel v Jarvis – Jarvis is raw and talented and has to be eased into the side, showed promise against Kenya but doesn’t match up to Rasel here who is an experienced bowler who has a good slower ball. The great thing about Rasel is that he can always be relied on to do what the skipper wants.
(Advantage Bangladesh)

7-4 Bangladesh

That makes for a 4-1 or 3-2 to Bangladesh here is think. But hey anything can happen

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