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Default I suppose so

The thing is, I guess the kid can bowl a decent line, I'm not sure he turns on the ball much or anything. He might be a decent school level spinner, but there is a massive gap between that and a national teal hopeful. The captain and coach said themselves that his bowling isn't going to prepare them for Paul Adams. They are just trying to get used to someone bowling with that action.

Actually, its not a bad idea. With a usual bowler, you can see the bowling arm come through and its easy to pick the ball off the hand. Adams' actions is so wierd, even when I watch it on television, I don't really know when the arm comes through and he delivers the ball. I mean, he doesn't even look down the pitch when he delivers, its really confusing. So it might help to get used to the action so they know exactly when to pick the ball. I know it sounds crazy, but this guy has a crazy action.
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