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In his statement at the conference the Deputy Head of the Russian Federal Atomic Energy Agency, Ambassador Nikolay Spassky provided a detailed account of the Russian Federation policy in the sphere of atomic energy development and nuclear nonproliferation. According to him, one of the keys to finding a solution to current nonproliferation problems should be international uranium enrichment centers, the first of which is to be created in Angarsk.

“Many nonproliferation experts are justly concerned about the fact that a number of states now seek to create their own nuclear fuel cycle. And they suggest that these states should refuse to do so. But why the countries have to refuse their inalienable right to create a nuclear fuel cycle, to enrich and to convert uranium? Especially when they see that one of the states keeps a blind eye on nuclear fuel cycle development in one of its favorite states and simultaneously it puts pressure on those states, which it does not like? Therefore the motivation of states to abandon plans to create their own nuclear fuel cycle could be based only on two components: firstly, on international law norms, and secondly on financial attractiveness and economic benefits for these states. All that should be supported by international guarantees,” said Nikolay Spassky, who supervises nonproliferation and international cooperation questions in Rosatom. According to him, the “guarantees of stability of supplies, and the guarantees that the international centers are complying with nonproliferation regime requirements, could be provided only by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).”

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