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As far as I understand from Mr. Fakhruddin's comments on Time Magazine ( he was focusing on bringing in changes in systems (as explained in BANFAN Bhai's post above) to set the stage for democratic process. The good leadership might not turn up for vote overnight or this election. However, the systems established is expected to bring those good leaderships to the stage in the future (maybe in 20 - 40 years time). India started their democratic process over 50 years ago and have become what we know as current India - People think and understand the importance of voting for good leadership very seriously (doing it for over 50 years). This is a social change and would take years but what we see now is perhaps a good start.

Therefore, expecting corrupt bad ones not doing what they used to do (overnight change in BD politics) would be a desired wish but a foolish one. People would have to hold on from this fresh start and keep things on right track over the years to make a better Bangladesh.
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