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They tried to kill me, tried to take my creativity
they wanted to show me lies, illusions, and luxuries,
they tried to buy my soul, to make me bow -
what did they want: my talent, my brains, my life?
they told me that they would kill me -
if I didn't listen, didn't subvert my intelligence and follow their agenda.
I had to lie and tell you it was good - the deaths and disease,
the propaganda and the subliminal messages, the massacre and the macabre,
appearance of our youth, the Cancer and AIDS - they created it!
they told you war was good, they said terrorists walked among us,
yes, they were right,
it was them, the lying cheating terrorizers, they played with your mind
they made you kill your mother -
it was them that told you to get paid was to be happy,
dollars - you kill for it, in stock exchanges and out on the street,
they sent your papa to an old folk's home to die, because it was cheaper.
they made you do it. you fed your child with drugs.
so she went out and hung herself.
they told you this planet looked like this - buildings and smog,
trash and dust floating in the air -
drifting, drifting
up through the air.

They told you it was best.

I don't buy it.

I won't take it anymore.

I will fight. I will die.
I will take a bullet for my planet. I will take ten.
You think you can hurt me. There is love all around me -
empowering me, strengthening me.
I will fight you - I will come back if you kill me -
I will build it, brick by ****ing brick,
the greatest resistance you have ever seen
I will block your planes, your tanks,
I will stand in front of your guns,
I will take your money, and your slaves,
what will you do when the billions rise and come knocking.
Would you kill us all?
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