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Originally posted by Fazal
Originally posted by TeamManager

There are another category of members in BC who i call semi-illiterate people. Well if you did not made up your mind yet who to vote for, let me tell you who to vote for. You dont have to read all the names listed up there. You guys just count. Its the 12th name from the top and 3rd name from the bottom. So once you finished counting don't look around, don't try to act smart. Just vote.
Thanks TeamManager for the guidance. I followed your direction and voted for 12th name from the bottom and 3rd name from the top, But its says Dawah.

ops... I made a mistake.... can I try again?

Election Comissioner please help !!!!
Sommanito BC memberra jodi semi-illiterate der moto vote dite chai tahole ami r ki korte pari? This option was not for you. It was for people who are semi-illiterate. Manusheri to bhul hoy. Ki ar kora?