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While other players makes money in T20, you want Naeem to be in the side line and suck his thumbs?

I would rather advice him, based on this BPL2 success, your rather dump TEST, and more concentrate on t20 and see where it takes you, and in the mean time make some money and secure your financial future.

TESTs for us is like leap years, comes every g=fout year, and there is is no guaranee that Naeem will be inn TEST team, too many nay sayers against him. If you just concentrate on TEST, Naeem will be homeless pretty soon.

So I say... sky is the limit... explore the opportunities and see you can again become chokka Naeem... because the money is there... the fame is there... Gavaskar typer- player-der aar bhaat nai.... so don't make that mistake.
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