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Originally Posted by Fazal
Can you please elaborate further? How a relatively young Bangladeshi player with no clear etablished reputation can suddenly get offers from various t20 leagues around the world?

May be our Zia, Milon, Anamul, Shuvo, and all other young players can follow your suggested path and start making some money by playing t20 all through the world

I thought only when you established your reputation, you can milk your past reputation in international career and can make money that way: like afridi for example.
you don't sit and wait for offers, you get your manager to go out and get you the offers. sure you can't just hop into a BBL team or an IPL team but there are a lot of t20 leagues like the BPL where a player doesn't have to have the greatest reputation to get a spot, being a test nation can help BD players with this because generally players from a test nation are considered better than those from associates. plus if a player chooses to specialise in t20s and makes it known to people they'll probably get more opportunities. over the years there have been a number of aussie players who have no good records at domestic level, haven't played international cricket that have been offered contracts even in the IPL, so i'm sure a player from a test playing nation who specialises in t20s and has a good manager could get quite a few gigs in various t20 leagues. no international or domestic commitments would make them more wanted to. now if we talk specifically about naeem, he has enough of a reputation, his naeem is well known enough for him to get some t20 gigs, especially if he were to specialise in the format, but that doesn't help BD cricket, it doesn't establish himself as an international player so it's really something the player has to decide, does international cricket mean more to them than making money.

but coming back to establishing your reputation, then if what you're saying is correct then wouldn't it be wise for naeem to focus a bit more on tests since that is his best chance of establishing a reputation?
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