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Originally Posted by Gowza
you don't sit and wait for offers, you get your manager to go out and get you the offers. sure you can't just hop into a BBL team or an IPL team but there are a lot of t20 leagues like the BPL where a player doesn't have to have the greatest reputation to get a spot, being a test nation can help BD players with this because generally players from a test nation are considered better than those from associates. plus if a player chooses to specialise in t20s and makes it known to people they'll probably get more opportunities.
I am guessing we are noit arguing for the sake of arguing. I don't know about players of other nationals. but I hope know that its not that easy even for our natioanl players to get opportunity elsewhere, specially t20 games where money is there... after all we are talking about making money for the players. Players like Nasir is ebing constantly ignored in so far in most of the t20 tournaments.

And also we like it or not, all TEST counbtries and their player's standard in general is not considered in similar level. THere must be reasons why you don't see too many Banlgadeshi players in other t20 tournament... its caoont be just beacuse these players are just stupid and cannot market themselves... its more than that... its more to demand...and supply and reputation in between.

Originally Posted by Gowza
but coming back to establishing your reputation, then if what you're saying is correct then wouldn't it be wise for naeem to focus a bit more on tests since that is his best chance of establishing a reputation?
If you ask me... it's yes but with a qualifier... that's why I used Afridi, not Tausif Ahmed for example. Yes right reputation helps, but wrong reputation kills. A Bangladeshi established specialized TEST only bastman (unlike Tamim who establsihed all format at the same time) ... can be a "final nail in the coffin" for a player like Naeem. In top of that, if he cannot make the TESTteam, its all his efforts wasted for nothing.

Now it amy only work if a) Naeem first establish as a TEST batsman in the team (Big if); b) Then Naeem start exploring ODI ( another big if plus time factor will be against him); c) Naeem establish in ODI....

You add difficulty multiplier with each step, the probability of his sucess will be in the single digit.

So I say, why try that path? If you have to try one format, try with t20...this BPL2 is giving him new opportunity to explore.

Anyway I am done with BangladeshCricket forum for this weekend... have a nice weekend.
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