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Originally Posted by Navo
As usual our politicians are horrible at expressing their thoughts in a considered, balanced manner.

Anyway, at the moment, I am trying to write a dispassionate article on this Grameen Bank imbroglio, starting from its inception to the Norwegian documentary through to the petition(s) before the Supreme Court and finally to its aftermath, including the departure of Dr. Yunus and the setting up of an independent inquiry commission to investigate the purported irregularities GB's subsidiaries have been involved in.

Having met Dr. Yunus and Monica Yunus when I was young, having a copy of 'Banker to the Poor' signed by him personally and looking up to him throughout my adolescence and teenage years, I find it hard to think that he could be involved in anything illegal. But the more I delve into this complex legal-financial web of Grameen, the more that I feel something is awry...[to be continued]
And you may be right but a seasoned politician must be careful when making accusations without much to substantiate that accusation against a figure who is a national pride.

Case in point, if Hansie Cronje did not come to the open and claimed of wrong doing I dont think anyone would have put any weight on the Delhi Police claims, just because of the enormous respect that people had for Cronje...
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