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Originally Posted by Naimul_Hd
Can Mod delete a post without letting the poster know or not even putting a remark 'deleted' on that post ? Thanks
Mods can it only make posts disappear, they can also make posters disappear. Many a old poster can be found with concrete shoes at the bottom of the East River or the Shitalokkho River.

But more seriously, inappropriate posts can be 'unapproved' or downright deleted, and normal users won't see any artifact. When the unapproval happens to regular users, we generally strive to send a note to the user as to why or if the post is egregious enough the poster might receive a warning or an infraction. An infraction is more serious than a warning. The latter being a hooshiari shonket and the former being an actual arrest. Sometimes mods get so busy that we forget to let the user know if his/her post has been unapproved bunt there were no warnings or infractions. We are all human. If you are concerned, do send a PM to one of the mods and they will look into it.

Hope this helps.
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