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Originally Posted by iDumb
Just a reminder to everyone, I know market is crashing and chances are very high this is just the beginning and it will continue to go south deep into recession levels. I am losing so much money daily - much more than I have ever lost before. But that's also because I currently have faar more money than I ever had in stock market. Despite losing so much, I don't feel anything. Nothing like i used to feel 10 - 12 years ago, losing 1000 dollars would give me pain. in 2008 my 10K investment i just put in (market crashed like in 2 months after i put in) went down all the way to 1200 dollars. AND IT HURT so bad.
But those I took as only lessons and not shaken out of market forever. Nobody knows whats gonna happen but hisotory shows market will continue to outperform most asset class. Do not be afraid to invest and lose money. Automate and invest.

This corona virus can and probably will wipe out half of market from its height. This should make some of you happy but I gurantee you if you havne't put money in yet - you still will miss when the market starts to recover.. 100%.

I for one is on autopilot and occasionally look for opportunijes to buy individual stocks here and there.

In a perfect world, someone like me would probably try to time the market as it could potentially save me a fortune but my life is currently too busy for that unfortuantely.
Just saw this post...I need to visit here more!! going down more ..but great to know some day it will be up
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