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Default Sri Lanka, when the VB series tour started in Australia and now, just before the Bangladeshi tour !

When Sri Lanka arrived in Australia, they were asked to play a practice match in a swamp, against a team which had 'Bush Rangers' as part of their name. Sri Lanka was all out for 120 and was beaten. The Australian media wrote that unless SL got their act together, they would only make up numbers in the VB series.

After being beaten in the first VB match with Australia, SL bounced back to wallop both SA and the Kangaroos in back-to-back wins. After that they lost several matches and in a last ditch effort, they beat SA in their last league match and qualified for the best of three finals.

Today, in the first final, Sri Lanka showed once again that Australia is very weak when under pressure. The Kangaroos basically freeze under pressure. It is also true that they are only rarely under pressure ! Credit to them.

Sri Lanka might not win this series, but at least they would stretch the Aussies into the best of three finals.

So Sri Lanka will be brimming with confidence when they visit Bangladesh. The absence of Atapattu, Vass and Murali, as I said in a previous post, will not deplete the Sri Lankan team. It will still be a full team. A test playing nation cannot talk about two or three players being absent.

The Bangladeshi seniors should take a leaf from the book of ther Under 19 team which I am sure will win the World Cup.
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