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No you should't.

But I've got to wonder why some Bangladeshis are so desperte they risk their lives to go to India.WTF? We have to take care of our people so they don't even reach that point. God knows how harshly treated they are once they actually make it to India, working at peoples houses as servants and such.
You guys are justified in expressing anger at the BSF's murders. But why the hell do our people cross the border in the first place. You should ask that too. Is it an obsession with India? Is it desperation within Bangladesh?

Originally Posted by Kabir
What logic...awesomebulous!!!

When you see someone crossing the border fence illegally, you just shoot them dead...hey, "our duty is to safeguard our country from illegal we must shoot them and kill them, just like what we do to mosquitoes and roaches". Right?

You'll go a long way with that logic.
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