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Originally Posted by Mas_UK25
Who to support?

Both these sets of teams fans been bad mouthing us on Pakpassion, internet! Recently Especially since beat them both convincingly and we are now bigger a threat to them in ODI's

But there is some decent Indian posters here (except the troll Austin). So Ind has upper hand here for me, but I also have had good relationships with few Pks!

Bias, politics aside, I used to always enjoy watching the match between these two, and used to support India late 90s - midd 2000s, until I entered internet world. Was a big fan during the ganguly era especially, enjoyed the way the played LOI's!
But things change. I support my teams BD and England 2nd now only.

Between ind v pak... Might just cheer for India.. Paks are more nasty, ignorant, arrogant faul mouthed people you will meet than any other south asians in UK out of a 100 from each sets of the communities. Trust me...

thank you... insha allah india will win today..
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