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Originally Posted by Razi
Another awesome thread by Obayed bhai, simply loved the tiger, it shows how our boys are fired up for this match, nice to see Rifat as a co-creator of this thread, for the time being he is our lucky charm.
there is no such thing as "lucky charm" in is called "আল্লাহর রহমত"

anyways...from the past, i personally have sensed Dark waves of energy associated with Bangladesh Cricket is as if some miserable people took out their failures from their life and attempted to find peace with this cricket team...and then the energy remained.(my understanding of life...)

না আর না! আমি প্রতিদিন দোয়া করব... আল্লাহর রহমত প্রতিদিন হবে। আমরা শব খেলা জিতব...
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