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Hatebreed আমার গায়ে তেল মাখার তোমার এতো সখ কেনো? মাইয়া chance দেয় না?

but guys it's a true story but as Asif guessed, there is more to it obviously....I actually told her if she gives me the money, there is a CHANCE that she will get double that amount after a week. She took the offer immediately and I thought wow this is my type of smart girl. Then my sister convinced her that if I take the money, she is getting back ZERO. That also convinced her, then I thought what a dumbo just like my sis...

After a lot of baby financial logic, she agreed to give me five bucks.... so I went out side - bought a cone of ice cream with that money and ate it in front of her w/o giving her anything.... That showed her who the boss is!!

Anyways, most of the money she has is from me anyway....I was kinda jealous she has more than me...very kipta saver it seems...
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