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Originally Posted by mufi_02
There hasn't been any allegation or even any suspicion of corruption from Saber Chowdhury. Just because he is a politician, doesn't mean he is corrupted by default. He is a respected member at BC and visits the forum once in a while. We should refrain from using such language towards him
I wasn't saying anything bad. Infact I was praising him. I m pretty sure if he did read my post he would take it with a grain of salt and be amused as it really is hard to believe that a Bangladesh polician is a saint. I do respect him immensely for what he has done for us and might still do if given the chance but Politics is dirty in almost all countries, in the subcontinent even more so. I mean look here at Julia Gillard, I don't think she is completely clean. When you enter politics you gotta get your hands dirty in some way or the other.
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